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    Does anyone know of a tweak to block texts from a certain contact? I've looked around a bit and can't find one.
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    There is a way, but I forget exactly how. I believe you text a certain number with the number you want blocked in the body. Call customer care and they should tell you how to block certain numbers from texting you.
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    Thanks! I found it. You can text 9999 a message saying
    block 3333333333
    Sprint will text you back with Text Messages from "3333333333" are now blocked.
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    You can also do it online in the Sprint website for your account
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    Or, you can ask the guy (making a broad assumption here) to leave you alone, or you'll post his number all over the internet and beg people to text him and make the same request.
    Let's call it mobile ju-jitsu.

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