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    I recently (7 days ago haha) bought the palm pre plus on verizon and just absolutely love it!! I had 2 blackberry devices before, a pearl and tour, and neither compare to the palm pre in my opinion!! I just got hooked on webos as soon as a tried it out, even more so than the droid software. Anyways I'm still figuring everything out, however I can seem to figure out what the circle next to the persons name above either left or rigt arrow in messaging means. And only a couple of my contacts have this. An someone explain why it's there? I tried searching the forum but found nothing, so sorry if it was already posted. Thank you!
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    Welcome! Is it green or red? If so, it tells you when they are available or away on aim or google talk.
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    It's the IM status notifyer for these contacts and means that you can have IM conversations with them; you probably entered their GTalk or Y!M info or had it all sync from your GMail or Y!Mail account(s).

    If you call up your Messaging app, you have two tabs - Conversations and Buddies. In Buddies, you can set your own IM status - offline, idle, or online. Once you're online, well, that means you're signed into whatever IM systems you are using, and will see your online buddies. The little circles will then assume a color according to your friends' statuses - green if they're online, and I forget what else there is because I barely use IMs these days

    Being online for IMs all the time is a major battery drain for some while others don't notice much of a difference. Mileages vary. You'll have to find yours out for yourself.
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    yeah what he said lol. welcome to webos though! glad you like it

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