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    Can anyone give me some tips on setting up an Exchange email account on my Pre Plus? My employer has a list of instructions for how to set up our email on an iPhone, but that's it. I tried to tweak them to work for my phone, but at the end it said it couldn't set up the outgoing server so I'd only be able to read mail. Here is a link to their iPhone instructions:

    Any help is appreciated...I have no idea how to do this.
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    Looks like they are setting it up to sync via IMAP not EAS.
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    Yep. It looks as if they are using IMAP.

    Open up the mail application. Tap 'Add Account.' Up at the top, tap 'Email > Manual Setup'. Change Pop to IMAP. Use the referenced PDF to fill in the information.
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    Ok, just worked. I fiddled with this thing off and on for a couple weeks and couldn't figure it out...tried all the different settings (POP, IMAP, EAS, etc). Oh well, it's working now. However, a couple of questions.

    It doesn't show ALL of my mail. It only shows 15 messages in my inbox but I have hundreds of emails. Will it only show a certain amount?

    Also, it doesn't show any mail in my Sent folder. Will it only keep track of emails sent from my phone?

    I tried to send an email, but it says it's unable to sign in. In the past I've gotten a message when I was trying to set up my account that there was a problem with the outgoing mail server and I wouldn't be able to send mail. When I set it up this time, however, I didn't get that message. It just signed me right in.

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