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    Hi, I just got my Pre Plus and I love it. I was using a Blackberry Curve 8530, witch was a nice phone but was a crappy web browser. So i was wondering what apps should I download first, whats good, and some good tips you might have for me?
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    Download quickinstall first on your computer, then from there get Preware. This will get you into the homebrew community. Do a search for Quickinstall or Preware to get started!

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    Just a <edit> LONGISH </edit> primer on Preware and Homebrew so you know what brdl04 is talking about:

    Check out this Wiki entry to see how to install Preware. The problem with Preware is that it's a pretty advanced app, meaning it can install just about anything OTA and without a computer in sight, but the downside to this is that there's pretty much nothing powerful and advanced enough to install it OTA or without a computer in sight. But installing it from your computer doesn't take more than five minutes, after which you're free like the wind.

    Using Preware, which acts as a sort of second App Catalog on your device, you can download apps from the official Palm App Catalog feeds, the other official feeds like the Beta feed -- Palm doesn't have one centralized, walled-garden App Catalog but an open system. If you want to develop an app but don't want it to be in the proper app catalog for any reason, you can send it to Palm and they will put it in an equally official feed that can be accessed with a number of Catalog apps -- AS WELL AS, and this is the most important thing about Preware -- inofficial feeds. This amounts to a 'jailbreak', with the obvious difference of your Pre never having been in jail to begin with. Palm are aware of the homebrew community and have been known to cooperate with it rather than stifling it. While it's inofficial, it's not illicit: using Preware will NOT void your warranty.

    These inofficial feeds contain apps, too, but are especially noteworthy because of something we call 'patches'. These patches allow you to fine-tune and customize the appearance and behaviour of your webOS. Don't like the 'matte translucet silver' look of your launcher pages? There's a patch for that; download the "Glass Effect" patch and it will look like glossy dark stained glass. Don't like the three icon layout in the launcher? There's a patch for that, too: download one of the various patches that will allow you to set how many icons there will be displayed. Want to switch between 2G and 3G networks quickly? There's a patch putting a switch in the device menu (downswipe from the upper-right corner; where the battery icon resides). Want a percentage value given instead of the battery icon? There's a patch for that. Want your WiFi name displayed instead of your carrier name? There's a patch for that. Want the Youtube app to keep playing your video in the background when you pull up another app? There's a patch for that. Want to use your volume rocker to make landscape pictures when holding the phone sideways? There's a patch for that. Bad eyesight and want a larger font? There's a patch for that. There's a patch for everything - only on Palm.

    Preware will let you install these patches - over 350 available currently - over the air, at a tap of your finger. It will even let you install replacement Kernels that allow you to overclock your phone on the go. There's an app for that.
    Need it to be especially fast? Quickly overclock to 800MHz and tap "apply". Bam. 800MHz. On the Palm Pre. Want to save energy? Downclock to 250MHz, tap "apply". Done. Want your phone to do it automatically? Select a governor from a dropdown list, select a "min" and a "max" clockspeed value, and tap "apply". Done. Pre does what they don't.

    Have a lot of fun with your new phone, and don't hesitate to ask questions on this forum; unless they're really, really REALLY stupid questions asked in an incoherent fashion that makes you come off like you feel entitled to absolutely everything at all without the need of being nice about it, you will most definitely be helped. Welcome to the fold

    <edit> OH, and about good 'regular' apps: Tweed is thought by many to be the best Twitter app currently available. Definitely check out Palm's official Facebook app, it's pretty good. The Weather Channel provides you with forecasts and weather radar. If you're a doctor, chemist or plain have to do with drugs a lot, Epocrates will help. RadioTime gives you streaming access to 100.000+ terrestrial radio stations from all around the globe. If you find yourself underwhelmed with the functionality of Palm's Music app, try Music Remix (from an inofficial Preware feed). Agenda also comes in handy to extend the functionality of your calendar. I like Fliq Notes for my note-taking. Check out the Engadget app if you like your tech news. And apart from that, just take a long stroll through the App Catalog. While it's nowhere as big as, say, Android's market of Apple's store, that also means that there's less outright crap; we only have 20 fart apps as opposed to the thousands available for Apple. Still enough to make an educated choice from.
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    LOL short? Good, helpful, but shortn that's why we love u
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    I think the OP went to sleep, or died maybe.
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    LOL short? Good, helpful, but shortn that's why we love u
    fixed my post. But just telling someone "eh, get that Preware it rox0rz" isn't really helpful. Telling them what it does and what sets it apart, IS helpful.

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