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    Couldn't find this posted anywhere (or mentioned on Google), so...

    Is it possible to boot Ubuntu from my Palm Pre in USB Mode?
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    I don't think you could use the pre as a usb startup disk because to get into usb mode it has to be plugged into a booted computer unless maybe the orange + sym + U would force it into usb then I would say MAYBE but can't imagine a reason why not if you can force it into usb mode during the computers boot
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    things that make you go hmmmmm...
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    lol I aint tryin it lol
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    It doesnt seem that bad to try. I will attempt to download and load it to the usb and try that out tomorrow. Will report back!

    On second thought, I just got everything and got it all ready to go now, and I am thinking maybe I won't do this project right away. I'll try again later, right now I would rather work on something else :S

    good luck anyone who goes through with it!
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    Formatting the USB storage to anything except the current format would cause the drive to no longer be mountable by the Pre as you would then have to configure the new mount information and hope that the Pre has that new filesystem support built in. If everything was kept the same and you just loaded Ubuntu of any Linux distro onto it then it would most likely work.

    But even if you did get this to work your phone would become extremely slow because of all the categorized information... ie. images, documents, videos etc., that would in turn show up in the Pre's built in applications. The only way this would not be a strain on the standard operation of the Pre is if you could hide (. "dot") every directory in the linux distribution... Which again would then break something "the linux installation".

    It all sounds like it will work, but there will have to be a sacrifice by the users phone in some way shape or form.
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    Just buy a USB thumb drive. It's a whole lot less work, and they are certainly cheap enough.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by vreihen View Post
    Just buy a USB thumb drive. It's a whole lot less work, and they are certainly cheap enough.....
    We choose to install Ubuntu on our telephones and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard

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