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    The way to find most things is to go on preware,go onto themes and search for it.. or just type it in. ok.
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    well sort of the one on this site has jacks head as the menu arrow
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    Quote Originally Posted by shennarush View Post
    ya thats the one
    Now you see why is the best forum ever. Enjoy your palm pre plus.
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    k i know that this ia a stupid ? but does my phone have to be in usb mode to change themes
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    it's "developer mode" you're probably thinking of, "usb" mode is just for transferring files to and from your pre, "developer mode" is for when you're using quickinstall (EVERY time). when using preware for themes, apps, or patches you don't need to be in developer mode, and it's advised that you turn developer mode off when not using it
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    this is where you go to start with preware -- install it you won't regret it

    understand this since you are new -- themes are one of the "trickier" things -- you need to remember that you have one installed and if you run the EPR or have a webos update to install you need to be very sure you remove the theme prior to doing any of these things --

    this is a good thread to read as well
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