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    Site dedicated to post-only Video shot using Palm Pre
    Lets start a youtube like video site but the video must be shot on Pre. Top rankings, comments , and such. This just sounds like a good excuse for me to use my video recording capabilities more often.
    Maybe this forum can be the first place to post videos?
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    wouldn't it e easier to post them to youtube since we can do that directly from the phone?
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    Yes, but then how could everyone post to the same site for comparison. Best Pre video for instance.. If youtube had an advanced search option to choose the source of every video then i could find those shot using Pre, but till then I think a dedicated site for pre much like webos roundup (shouts out) did for their commercial contest.
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    Since uploads from the Palm Pre to YouTube automatically get the "Tags:Palm Pre" put in to them you can do a search from the YouTube Search like this...

    Tags:"Palm Pre"
    then press Search
    This will show you all video's made with a Palm Pre and also video's tagged as such.
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    Here is my first video:

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