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    I've been using my Pre Plus on vzw for about 2 weeks now, and I got to saw WOW! Going from Windows Mobile 6.5 I couldn't be more satisfied. I haven't had to restart, no crashes, everything is just smooth.
    I use it as my main MP3 player for podcast during the day, so i use up the battery quickly.
    The only downer is lack of apps, but I just discovered homebrew apps and that is making up the gap.
    Hopefully with the purchase by HP, more quality apps will be coming down the line soon.
    I recommend the Palm Pre to anyone in the market for a smartphone
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    For battery life my pre comes off the touchstone at 7am, very few calls during the day but fair bit of texting, will usually browse the web or read a book on pReader for an hour at lunch. It goes back on the touchstone about 10pm and is usually at around 65% battery left.
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    Is there still no ability to record video and play it back on the Pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by epylejr View Post
    Is there still no ability to record video and play it back on the Pre?
    Nope it was added with 1.4. Video is great on the Pre.
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    I just got mine yesterday and like it better then my Motorola Droid. The UI is so much better and the gestures are great.

    I admit it is lacking some apps, some of that is due to the SDK though by not allowing access to certain API.
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