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    GoodBye Palm Pre..I'll mis you webOS..
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
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    I am a launch day Pre owner and I love it. I have been a Treo guy for 10 years (me and Jack Bauer). The Pre is even better and I can't stand the thought of not having a Palm smartphone! I can hardly wait for the 4G Pre 2!
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    I've invested so much time in getting my Pre to work as I need it to that I'm very unlikely to switch platforms. I'll gladly wait for the next Palm device.
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    I love WebOS, but I am trying out the EVO. Funny thing is, the reason I don't like the iphone (size and no physical keyboard), are two of the reason I got the Pre. Now, I'm going to a phone that's bigger than an Iphone, and with no physical keyboard.
    I have loved my Pre, it's original, and from launch day! It has taken a beating and kept on working. It has 3 cracks on the side, but it still works great.
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    Ok I have been with the people looking at the Evo. I'm still checking it out. That being said since HP has made it intentions clear as to Palms future. I'm now holding back. With patches and the 800 kernel fix. The pre is acting much better. Have to say WebOS is still quite addicting.

    If Sprint had played fair and just kept the everything data the same for 3g/4g the Evo would get more love. This is stupid and will more then likely hurt sales of the Evo. Besides i wasn't that much looking forward to learning a 3rd phone in 2 yrs.
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    I'm making the move towards the Evo unless I hear some news from Palm.
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    I have 3 lines, 1 is up for upgrade line 2 is due for upgrade on june 4 and my 3 line is due for upgrade in november. I love my pre but after replacing it 4 times and the current one has started to act up i will be getting the evo. The way is see it i have 2 lines that i can play with and if palm rolls out a new phone by fall i will have 2 lines still available. Plus i have 4g in Houston already.
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    Launch day owner. I will be getting the EVO.
    When my family contract ends with ATT in September, I will move them over to Sprint and hopefully, the next palm device is out and I will give the EVO to my sibling.
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    If the reviews of the Evo are good, I'm ordering one on my July upgrade date. Pre is a good phone, but the Evo, if it's all they say it is, is pretty much the ultimate mobile phone. The only thing I'll miss is a physical keyboard.
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    I hope palm announce something in june. To give us hope !!
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    If palm gave us some info on the next webos device I would wait, but now I'm on the fence for the EVO.
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    I'm on the fence. My Pre almost lasted a year. Today, I got it swapped for a new one because the power button broke the same day they "fixed" it. A month ago, I was deadset on getting the EVO. But now, not sure I want to spend an extra $10/mo and not have 4G.

    My biggest complain w/ the Pre is speed. It just takes too long to start up apps, or switch to whatever. Especially the camera. And typing in my unlock pin... is sometimes a chore because it's lagging so bad. The media player is painful as well if it's not the only thing running.

    Second in line is apps. It's been a year almost, and there is not much really to write home about. Someone here mentioned not enough "time wasting" apps, and that's a good run down. Most of the apps i'd get probably lie in that realm.

    But there are a few useful apps that are missing. RTM app, Google Voice App, gps logging (for geotagging photos I shoot w/ my DSLR), gmail app, video streaming, easy file access/file sync over wifi (for say music), dropbox.... ok, maybe more than a few.

    I love the OS however. The notification system and how it handles multiple apps is awesome. Hopefully they can get it working right in a tablet, and have apps for it. something tells me it might be too niche a product w/o the app support.

    but alas, I am on the fence because it seems ridiculous to spend another $200 on a smartphone. Especially since I just got a replacement. I do feel for the ppl who aren't so lucky. I may end up getting a new phone anyway because my brother's Pre (got it at the same time as me) seems like it'll fall apart before the year is up. I'll give him mine, and use my premiere status.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JimOhara View Post
    Every think of trying glasses? Don't be so vain.
    I have the same problem. This is not a matter of needing reading glasses. This is a matter of tiny, tiny font sizes. Appreciate your suggestion, but please leave the judgements and the name-calling out.
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