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    So, my phone was stolen earlier today, since then whoever stole it turned it off (I tried calling it, it went straight to voicemail), so no luck on getting a GPS fix. I don't have insurance on it, and I can get an upgrade in June. What are my options? Can I get a cheapy Sprint phone for like 10 bucks until the new phone hardware comes out? Will I even get that? Or is there any other options? Being a huge WebOS fanatic who spends atleast 2-4 hours a day devoted to Palm and WebOS this is a huge blow to me. Especially because theres no way I would be able to make enough money (teenager in highschool, cheap/poor parents) to get a new phone before the new one comes out. I also had plans to work on developing apps for WebOS, being an amateur coder, but now thats gone.
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    I'd get a cheapy phone in the meantime, and get the EVO 4G when it's released June 4th. They just announced it'll be $299 w/ 2yr contract so assuming you're up for a contract renewal might be the better route to go.
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    I don't know, but you better do a "remote wipe" from Palm's site before it's too late.
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    I assume that you have already reported the theft to Sprint so that you don't get charged for calls made after the theft.
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    Do you have an old phone you can activate?
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    not just calls but music downloads, tv, etc that aren't billed through palm. I had my instinct stolen a couple years ago and in less than 24 hours they had wracked up over $500 in extra charges before I got sprint notified.

    You might also call sprint and see what they will do. It's well known they are trying to get rid of their pre/pixi inventories, both are dirt cheap right now and they might give you a break. Pre is only $149 right now with new contract, as your almost there anyway they might let you do it now rather than in june.
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    Sorry to hear that.
    They will turn it on eventually, (assuming they don't know to Dr it right away) so if you have one of those Pre-locator apps on there, it may report the location eventually. Also, if you do a remote wipe, it should happen when the device is turned on.

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