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    Is anybody else seeing the following:

    Palm Pre Plus
    Verizon OS
    Rapid battery drain 20% in one hour or less
    All calls dropped in less than a minute.
    No incoming calls
    Often see network busy messages or call signal faded

    I did an entire webos reload from Palm first thing this morning and then spent, I am not kidding, two hours on the phone with Verizon support to have them tell me it is a network problem. Two of my co-workers have Pre's and are not having problems. Any body else in South Riverside county area seeing anything similar?

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    you might want to update your roaming (*228) because it sounds like your phone isn't staying connected to the network and is therefore doing all of the work. That would kill your battery the same way as if you leave your phone on in the overhead bin on an airplane. If the phone can't find a network, the radio stays on and it continues to search. You could drain your battery like that if you flew coast to coast. This might be something like that.

    It could also be this, but caused by a problem in your phone's radio. You should also swap batteries with a fiend to make sure you don't have a defective battery.

    Another thing to try is to get the patches that let you turn off 3g, because that might change which tower it connects to, etc. If the drain continues with nothing running but the 2G phone, that's a big clue where the problem is.

    The key is to determine if VZ is having a problem, or if your phone is. Also, google ""battery drain attack" and make sure that isn't what's happening...

    If it is clearly your phone, you will be visiting the doctor...

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