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    Does anyone know what data package AT&T will require for the Pre? AT&T has a $15 unlimited data plan, but it looks like AT&T is requiring all of their smartphones to have a $30 data plan. I assume AT&T will require a $30 data plan for the Pre as well?
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    Only time, and AT&T, will tell...
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    I'm just hoping they will sell me a Pre outright and then I can use it when my iPhone 3GS (which I don't use anyway) battery goes dead, haha.
    I'm paying 30.00 a month for data so they shouldn't care where I use it. I have a friend at ATT and I'm hoping he'll sell me the phone and that's the end of it.
    I'm worried about the price of the Pre no contract though, if it's close to 400 I'll bite the bullet and either buy one later on EBay or just do without.
    Does anyone know the no contract price of the ATT Pre?

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