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    lately my Pre has been making a ticking/clicking/popping sound, almost like static electricity, which sounds like it is coming from the speaker region!?

    It happens if I hold the phone in a certain way (usually by holding it at the top and bottom near the headphone socket) or when i place it down on a flat surface. It hasn't always made this sound, but It hasn't been dropped or had any kid of hard knocks - im reeaally careful with it.

    Also the music player keeps pausing itself during playback, especially when the pre is laid flat on its back. The screen also occasionally wakes up of its own accord, again when its flat on its back! Its like something in the back of the phone is sending a message to say the screen has been pressed?

    I bought the phone from ebay to use with a Sim only contract so taking back isn't an option - but are there sensors in the back of the phone that would cause this?

    Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!
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    For anyone searching later who may find it useful, I fixed this by folding a square of paper between the camera and the speaker.

    Pressure on the area around the headphone socket and speaker caused the phone to switch between the two and crackle. Thats why the music kept cutting off, as when you pull out your headphones during playback the song pauses.

    Has worked like a dream since the ol' paper insert. I love the phone but it has been one risky ebay investment!
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    I'm having the same problem and am wondering if there is a permanent fix. While I talk on the phone, if there is movement between the two pieces of the phone (slider) the headphone jack attempts to take over and it "clicks" which is causing my battery to die while it's in my pocket because it is constantly turning on the display.

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