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    I would of posted this in the stickied post about stuck in headset mode but this is different.

    My phone with the stock battery would light up when I put slight pressure on the phone by the earpiece, or squeezed the top of the phone. I figured it was related to the headphones jack, but it wasnt getting stuck in headset mode.

    I noticed when I would put on an aftermarket battery, the thicker back case wouldnt allow the pressure to be applied to the back casing of the inside of the phone and it wouldnt do this.

    I decided to try putting a folded up piece of paper between the speaker and camera about the size of a dime, and only folded it about 3 times. For whatever reason this gets rid of the problem but stiffening the back case, not allowing pressure to hit the headphones jack now it seems.

    I went ahead and just taped the paper to the inside of the cover so if I swap back cases/batteries, its on the case itself, not the phone.

    This issue was bugging me quite a bit, because the phone would light up like i tapped the power button (with the lock screen) very easily, especially when it was in my pocket, and was probably using battery time by lighting up so often.

    Hopefully this helps someone else too.
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    I had this very same problem about 6-7 months ago, but it stopped by itself after a while. I always assumed that it was fixed during a webos update, kinda the way the VZ keyboard got fixed.
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    Bump for a newly noticed reason for the screen lighting up. I just got a Seidio extended battery and unlike my extended e-bay battery case, the Seidio is more flexible and allows pressure again. It started lighting up with the Seidio case, but I was able to pinpoint it down to it actually being the camera lense was sensitive to pressure for some reason or another. So I put a small strip of black cardboard between the lense and flash so the case cant apply pressure there now. Odd.

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