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    Anyone running 2.0.0 on a Pre? I updated Sunday and noticed last night that it had completely messed up the favorites I had selected. Had added two favorites to my calendar. Won't save favorite settings. And the kicker: messed up my Twins schedule added to the calendar by Google.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for this app. I look the look and features of the upgrade, but I'm ready to dump it.


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    Yeah, I noticed that too after the 2.0 update. I wanted to only have my favorite 3 teams selected and get text alerts for my one all-time favorite team. When I closed the app and reopened, it had turned on the feature to "add to calendar" for my all-time fav team. I don't need the ball games clogging up my calendar. I just want text alerts on the games, and have not gotten any. Hopefully the developers are working this kink out.
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    I have heard from Zumobi. They are aware of the issue and are planning to submit a fix shortly.
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    That's good news, since I really like the look of the updated app.

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