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    Last night I was getting phone calls but my ring tone volume was all the way up. I tried knocking it down but it wouldn't go down and the the volume scale is stuck on down at the bottom. I pulled the battery and as soon as it boots up it comes right back. I can't use my lower buttons cause they are gone and won't come up now. I am not a happy camper. Back to the Sprint store AGAIN!
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    Yeah, my Pre is starting to give me problems as well. I've had it since the end of June '09, and my Volume Rocker won't work either, but I use a Patch call Megamix (there are other words in the patch, but its created by xanthin someone) that allows for media volume control and the ring tone volume can be controlled by the Sounds and Ring tones app. Now, if your volume is constantly going all the way up, then there is either a hardware problem and the volume rocker is pushed in, or software issue.

    My Pre constantly freezes and restarts among a whole bunch of other issues and it's time to take it in to Sprint and swap it out. My only concern is getting a refurb device. I want a brand new one that has some hardware fixes. I will specifically ask for a new Pre.

    There is a thread on this site that tells you how to prepare for a swap that helps for us who use Preware and patches and whatnot.
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