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    When I used a DVD to MP4 Converter for the first time,I fell confused about how to use it,but after a tried again and again,now,I know the step to use it,just like follows,with pictures

    1. Add DVD discs

    a. Click “(1)” to input DVDs, all the movie contents will be shown clear as day with title table;
    b. Click “(2)” to cut and merge video for your needs;
    c. Select any titles and click “1” to add more output formats to converted at one time;
    d. Click “2” to delete titles or move movies easily.

    2. Powerful function clip, merge and cut video before conversion

    a. Click “1”, pause preview;
    b. Click “2”, to set beginning time;
    c. Click “3”, to set ending time;
    d. Click “4”, to start merging.

    3. Seclect any output from various video formats in profile

    4. Professional “Profile Settings” for users to edit video’s attribute

    a. Support setting different “Video Size”, “Video Quality”, “Channel”, “Audio Quality”, get various quality converted output files;
    b. Support setting video bitrate, zoom for making personal diy videos.

    5. Click “Start” button to rip or convert after all settings.

    Now,engoy it.
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    Well... that's one of a hundred ways to do it.

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