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    I overclocked (or upclocked) my Pre the first time when the first 'dangerous'-tagged 600MHz SmartReflex patch was releaased to Preware, and have been going with the flow ever since because while I love webOS to death, performance on this specific hardware has always been a little too sluggish for me. My latest exploit was Über-Kernel + Govnah, which sadly didn't work out all that well for me - actually, the perma-800MHz .sh and .ipk kernel distros worked better. But this is beside the point.

    The Govnah solution, among other problems, let my phone heat up IMMENSELY while talking on the phone. Even running the powersave governor 500-500 would make the lower backside of my Pre become uncomfortably hot to the touch within five minutes on the phone. As this was unacceptable, I figured I'd do the smart thing and doctor - I've last doctored the phone back in January or February.

    So I let the doctor run while eating dinner, went back to enter my passwords and such, and had a shower while everything synced back. Slapped on Preware 1.0 when I got out of the shower and got all of my patches (that I remember...) back. Did not overclock in any way. Restarted phone.

    My Pre is now feeling as fast, if not faster, than it was running when I kept it at 720MHz! I'm dead serious. Switching between launcher pages is absolutely buttery smooth - which, I'll admit, was always the main reason why I overclocked. Starting up apps is a bit slower, but nowhere near the creeping sloth I experienced when I took off the 800MHz .ipk and kept it running at stock speed for a day before putting on the Über-Kernel. And while some of you may disagree, I personally don't mind waiting a half second for an app to load that would've opened immediately at 800MHz, or waiting a second for one that would've loaded in half a second at 800.

    Doctoring has made my wildest dreams come true. I do not think I will overclock again any time soon as right now, I'm happy with the speed my newly-doctored phone is providing me with. Should my phone slow down again at any point, I'll just doctor again because, thanks to Save/Restore, things are so much easier. My Fliq Notes notes are all back where they belong, and that's just great. And I just got off from a half-hour long phone call; my Pre is just as hot as the sweaty hand that was holding it, and no hotter.

    If your phone slows down, don't hesitate to backup and doctor - the new doctor versions even leave your files on your storage disk! It's a win/win situation.

    I love the good doctor. Do you love it, too?
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    Great post. I feel the same way usually. I ALWAYS doctor my phone whenever a new OS update comes out because of this reason. With the new homebrew solutions, it has become nearly painless now.

    When WebOS first came out, doctoring was a horrible experience for homebrew because you had to start from scratch back when you had to manually edit files with instructions from the Wiki. Now all you have to do is install Preware and restore the Save/Restore data.

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