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    This is my first cry for help. My Pre is 9 months old and has basically had problems with the actual phone almost the entire time. People complain my voice is garbled, I sound like I'm underwater, I'm always breaking up, they can't hear me, etc. I am at my wits end! I have run the system tests and everything is fine. I am not always in an area where I have full bars, but I am many times. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm inside, outside, in my car, talking on hands-free in the car - it is always the same complaint! I don't seem to have a problem hearing the person at the other end and I do not have anything covering the microphone. If anyone has any suggestions, If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them! I can't seem to find that this is an issue with other people but maybe I'm not searching for the right thing. Thanks in advance!
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    Try calling your home phone with your Pre to test call quality. More than likely you could have gotten water into the microphone. If so, that is what your carrier will assume that happened. If you have the insurance, you only have to pay $100. If not, it will be full price.

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    The mic on the Pre tends to be mushed into some people faces if they aren't cognitive of it. My GF was on of those when she got her Pre. She has since figured out how to hold it without it being a problem.
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    if it was bad for 9 months, they should have given you another one 8-1/2 months ago. First and foremost it's a phone. People comment to me how good my pre sounds compared to my centro when they call. You should be getting excellent sound or there is a problem with phone.

    hopefully you can get one via insurance, or on ebay. With all the people posting here that the are jumping to the android evo/incredible/whatever, you should be able to get a used phone. Have you called cust service to see if they can help? There is usually a little sticker under the battery that turns red if water ever got in. Good luck, I hope you get back to good call quality.
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    also. The speaker port is for right-handed use. Are you holding it with your shoulder, or do you have a screen protector covering the hole? Also keep your fingers away from the speaker on the back. Some phones use that for noise cancelling (notably blackberry).
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    Are you sure you don't have a cover on the mic? I know a guy who put an invisible shield on his pre and ended up covering the mic . Once he discovered and removed that piece, the sound quality was great!

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