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    In an attempt to make more room on my phone so I could transfer more data from obe computer to another, I made a stupid mistake. Somehow I got rid of the alert ringtone that was set for my text messages (The same noise you get when you plug your phone in to charge it). I can't find it on my phone but it still makes the alert noise whenever I pluug it in and I find it to be the best ring tone I have ever heard bar none. Could anyone get me an mp3 of it so I can get it back on my phone again?

    P.S. I used zcorder to try and record the noise but it came out unnusable everytime.
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    Why don't you just set a different alert for text messages? Seems like that would be preferable anyway...
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    Thanks to Tommy.Slayer for originally posting this

    this is how i did it.....

    If you have webOS Quick Install on your computer (which I would suggest you have if you do not), you can make an easy backup of the original sound files by entering this command line in the Linux Command Interface:

    cp usr/palm/sounds/alert.wav media/internal/


    cp usr/palm/sounds/notification.wav media/internal/

    This will copy the sounds from the hidden directory into your media directory. When you go to select a new ringtone for a specific category (ringtone, notification, alert, etc) just select the new ringtone button (small musical note icon on the bottom left) and those files should now be in there.
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    I had quick installer on my last computer but it fried (that's the reason I was using my phone for transferring music) but this computer has windows 7 starter, which breaks if I download just about anything. Even when something says it's windows 7 compatible it often makes it hang up when I shut it down so I have to remove the software.

    EDIT: Works great, thanks!
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