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    Hi everybody !

    I have a brand new Palm Pre+ from SFR (France), with WebOS 1.4.1

    I've noticed a disapointing thing :

    My app launcher scroll is sometime slow (when I swipe, there is a lag, then icons move, stop after last row from first page has been displayed, then move again to the end of the list.)

    I can do the reverse (start from bottom), it's the same, and, it's pretty annoying.

    BUT, sometime, the same thing is very fast, NO lag, i can't understand where is the problem.

    I have some application installed, Preware (v 1.0.0), and a theme.

    I guess when it's slow, there is a program in background that take ressources (not launched by me of course) but I'm not sure.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks !

    PS : sorry for my bad english, i'm French
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    are you running the 800mhz kernel?

    Also, make sure you dont have stuff like jstop running automatic clean up. Make sure you don't have stuff like Google Latitude running in persistent mode (so it is trying to update your position to all your friends constantly).

    Also, don't have your scaling app (like Govna) open, as it is sampling th eCPU every second and that will cause huge lag.
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    Hi !
    Thanks for your answer.

    I don't have any kernel or other patch stuff, all programs are "official".

    Latitude was disabled when it happened, I don't know what is jstop
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    Try to regularly restart your phone. (Luna restarts are faster. There are several options in Preware available for this.)
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    Hi !
    Talking about restarts, scroll is slow after restart, and fast after couple of hours/days without being restarted !
    I don't know why
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    Yes, it used to happen for me too.. I fixed it by disabling vertical scrolling and adding new pages for horizontal scrolling through a patch from preware
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    Have the same problem, hate it. Additionally, my battery is getting worse. Today it took only 5 hours to drop from 100 to 5%, and I have not used the phone at all. Afraid to call up O2 because they will ask me to send it in I guess... as always.

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