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    In Spain, and may be in other European countries, MoviStar sells a single SIM with two phone numbers associated (Business and Personal numbers) with his different plans price. In my old Treo650 with a single app I could switch between these two numbers instantly. Now I have to reset phone and wait 2 or 3 minutes to put the other PIN and change line. I, and other European users, will pay for this application, but at least if someone tell me if it is possible or not I would appreciate too. I see in the forums 2 or 3 similar threads without answer. Anybody can help me? Thanks.
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    No one?
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    Not familiar with these SIM cards, but maybe there is some settings to change in Phone Settings app?
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    Exactly, what if you disable SIM lock in the phone dialer Preferences, and then re-enable it.
    The phone will ask you for a PIN, right?
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    First thank you very much for your responses.
    When I reset completely my phone the "Enter PIN" scene appears and I can put one my two PINs. If I put PIN1 in first line of phone dialer Preferences appears phone number 1 but if I put PIN2 appears phone number2. In the group "Security" appears "Unlock SIM card" and "Change SIM card PIN". If I try to "Unlock SIM card" appears other "Enter PIN" scene but If I put PIN1 or PIN2 the answer is always the same "Incorrect PIN, Three attempts remaining" even if I try several times. I never see "Lock SIM card" in my Pre. It is as if I could not lock the phone. Or phone is with PIN1 or with PIN2
    Nor does the flight mode works to change it.
    The only way it works is changing after a Reset or a complete shutdown like a battery change.
    Is there in the Mojo API any form to change the phone number?
    I am completely lost.
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    It seems your SIM just can't be unlocked, because it simply needs the different PIN codes to differentiate between the "lines". NPI about the Mojo API. You may want to post a patch request in the patches section.
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    Thank you. I will do.

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