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    I couldn't find this particular issue on any other thread so sorry if it's already been addressed?

    Anyway, has anyone ever had their battery drain after turning off the phone completely? I never turn off my phone except for when I fly or swap batteries and its now happened to me twice where I get a dead batter icon after completely shutting down my Pre Plus for a flight. Thankfully I carry a spare when I travel, but both times I've had 80%+ left when I shut down only to reboot and get the dreaded power cord symbol when I try to turn it on after landing.

    Also, I know someone will ask if I made sure to properly shut down completely and yes I follow the prompts to make sure it's totally turned off and not in airplane mode or rebooted.

    Next time I might just pull the battery out completely, but would love to know if this is just me or if anyone else has experienced the same issue and possibly found a reason and/or possible fix for it?
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    This happened to me quite a few times as well on my Sprint Pre.
    I forgot my charger and had about 60% battery life so I figured I'll turn off the phone to use it in the morning and then in the morning I turn on my Pre and it was completely dead. I'm still not sure why but next time I'll pull the Battery.

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