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    Apparently O2 Germany customers can download Telmap Navigator for free now. Should be online since march but got a little delayed. The software runs on nearly all smartphones ... yup, you guessed what "nearly" means...

    The contract was signed in february, here's the press release: Ziel erreicht: o2 und Telmap bringen jetzt Navigation auf's Handy (german, but with link to english PDF version)

    Telmap Navigator: Overview - Telmap

    Now here's the good news: According to german IT news portal Golem a webOS version is planned for summer. Here's the article: Telmap Navigator: O2 bietet kostenlose Navigationssoftware für Mobiltelefone - (german!)
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    Hopefully be a UK version.
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    if someone talk to them, please request it for Spain also
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    out now for o2 (tested in germany):

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    • in app-navigation is PDK-like not always webOS style (no pinch and zoom, but back gesture implemented)
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    only works from within o2 network, no other carrier.

    what the heck!? They sell Palms simlock-free...
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    is there a "way" to obtain it somewhere else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post
    only works from within o2 network, no other carrier.

    what the heck!? They sell Palms simlock-free...
    Can Telmap Navi use WiFi for loading stuff?
    Yes it can!
    Just switch off Wifi for a while when the app starts. This is the moment when it checks for the o2-DE SIM.

    When you get the misleading message of failing connection this is due to no working o2de-SIM identified. You knew you have to have a o2de-SIM when the app starts, didn't you?

    Reestablish wifi connection when the first GUI appears. Then it loads everything via wifi. Worked fine for me at least.

    Would not mind much if a homebrewed patch will soon remove the restriction to o2de-SIM. It is probably related to some contractual things between o2de and the originator. Do I have a need for that as a customer??

    On the other hand this limitation protects the vast majority of Pre users from having a quite poor experience with this app. It really needs a lot of improvement before it might replace a commercial navi device. And my comparison relates to the giveaway version of the low cost one I own courtesy my girlfriend....

    Let's welcome the Telmap Navi anyways (thinking of it as we would like it to be)!

    Best Regards!

    PS: Some guy posted o2de only offers unlimited data plans - this was misleading because plan S and plan M are limited.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    You want to drive around your house, and need turn-by-turn nav for that?
    it probably would leave me in a different neighbourhood..... well, in some other forum someone suggested to load the map data via Wifi at home. Might be of limited relevance but in general not the worst idea.

    You may actually use a different data connection via tethering (lets think of some company card or roaming abroad!) and save some data traffic on the Palms account.

    However, it's a funny thing.

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    Sent email to Telmap this was the reply

    Dear Paul,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    At this time the application is not available for O2 UK, and we can’t commit when it will be available.

    You are more than welcome to check our website (Telmap) for updates about this issue.

    Best regards,

    Oz Goldberg

    Support representative
    Telmap Technical Support
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    Press release says it will be available on other networks "soon"

    Press Releases - Telmap

    Hope they make it available to "unofficial" networks too!
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