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    hi, a few weeks ago my pre stopping working to any wifi router i try to connect manually, automatic, etc, but none works. i doctorized it to,, 1.0.3, repair utility, etc but the error still.
    also mytether and mobile hotspot stop working..
    i try several times to connect to my pre via mytether or mobile hotspot but some times after a long time can connect, i think its a patch from mytether, the wifi stop working after installing these app. but i doctorize, restore, and the error 25 still in my pre.

    i install freetether and i dont see any IP ADDRESS in the wifi or main section
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    I have/had the same problem with my pre, via quick test it said that wifi isn't working properly! (code 25)
    So I contacted palm and chatted with a palm technician (UK) and he said to install wabOSdoctor.
    They said it usually helps, but in my case the phone was broken so I called them and they came to pick up my phone and it is now currently undergoing repair in the UK.

    Hope that this helps you!


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