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    I have been tethering like a madman with my iPad and mobile hot spot with my sprint pre. It is awesome, better than 3G iPad IMHO no AT&T service crap.

    Has anyone ever been charged by sprint for either going over 5gigs? Or for tethering?
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    i have gone over a few times.. sometimes 8 GB.. and so far no problems... however i dont teather... I just listen to pandora 8 hours a day at work... and I'll be damned if they ever charge me....

    It should be illegal to advertise "unlimited" but they really mean 5 GB/mo
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    the unlimited really means 5 thing is likely to change in the near future. When they set that up it was next to impossible to hit that limit using just your phone, so they put that soft limit in there to just raise an alert on accounts that went over. They'd then review your usage to make sure you weren't tethering. That was a few years ago though. Now, anyone with a smartphone or featurephone(which is almost every cellphone user in the world) regularly exceeds that cap. Which is why so many people can tether without getting caught. The are just WAY too many flagged accounts for them to sift through.
    Whether or not your carrier is going to just increase the soft-limit and start nailing abusers again is another story. Personally I think too many people tether for a carrier to get away with it. Sprint, for one, has said they plan to provide free tethering for all 4g phones, so...
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    I think repeat offenders will receive some sort of contact from a carrier.
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    There is no 5 gb limit on the unlimited data plan for the Pre. There is a 5gb limit on the data cards, but that doesn't apply to the Pre.

    However, if you are tethering at all, you are violating Sprint's terms of use. If you're "tethering like a madman", chances are good you're going to get caught. They have been known to send out notices for that.

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