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    For some reason my phone just started doing this randomly for the past few days...

    At random times (I never seem to be doing the same thing when it happens) my phone will just go blank and won't react to anything. I can definately tell that the backlight is on, but it's just a blank screen. The only way I can fix it is if I pull the battery. That wouldn't be such a terrible thing, but I have a body case on it and it's really annoying to pull that off then pull the battery cover off.

    Has anyone else had this problem? The only patches I have installed are some of the remove icons from displaying on the navigation pages.

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    For the last few weeks, my pre will go to a blank screen at seemingly random times. If I press the power button, slide it open and closed several times, it will finally 'wake up' and the screen will light up. I do not have to resort to pulling the battery, though.
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    my pre did that quite often whenever data is on. I have too many patches on for me to pin point what coz that. I need to do a batteries pull out as well. Yes i can tell the lcd back light is still on and the bluetooth headset is still connected to the pre when this happen.

    lastnight i bite the bullet and did a partial erase. Installed back most of the apps n patches. So far so good.

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