When making a phone call (to land line #'s), I can hear the phone ringing to the number I have dialed & then all of a sudden, the ringing stops (after about 10 rings) & I hear a message "please enter your password". I don't think it's the same "voice" you hear when accessing voicemail.

I know some individuals have a phone service (land line) which require you to enter a code or even your phone number so phone calls can be put thru...(as a way to prevent phone solicitors) but minutes after the above happens, I re-dial the same # & the call goes thru. I do not have my cell number blocked.

I was wondering if perhaps my ear was hitting something on the touchscreen? Has anyone else had this problem?

A bizarre problem, but it has happened 4-6 times in the last 2 days with several different phone numbers...