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    I have a Verizon Pre Plus that I have on my family plan, however, I am a sim-swapper with an ATT line, so I may pick up an ATT Palm Pre Plus as well. Can I have both pres activated to my same Palm user account at the same time?

    I have purchased quite a bit of apps for the Palm Pre and I would rather not purchase again under a different user name. Therefore, I would like to have my same username on both my ATT Pre and Verizon Pre at the same time.


    Anyone have multiple Palm Pres under the same account right now sharing the same applications?

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    No, it kicks the other Pre off. I tried it, its not possible.
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    I think it can be done, i've thought about it and i think that as long as your turn off the other phone and it doesn't try and connect to the palm profile you can sign into another phone, but i think you will have to pretty much sign in everytime you switch phones,

    this will not work forsure if you have both phones on at the same time.

    every time you switch phones you will want to do a palm profile back up so that when you log into the other phone you can sync again or something to get any bought apps that you might have gotten,

    If you do try this please let us know. or maybe a DEV could let us know cause i know they flip through spare phones all the time.? anyone.?
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    it won't work I'm a dev with 2 phones and everytime you sig in to ur profile with a different phone it knocks the other off, as soon as it turns on.
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    Similar question but not quite. I'm planning to get the AT&T Pre Plus, then switch between Bell's CDMA and HSPA networks. If I deactivate my CDMA one then activate on a SIM, I will completely lock myself out of the CDMA one right?

    Want to come up with a solution to completely migrate over to the new phone.
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    honeslty if you have a Pre already with Bell I would just wait like I am and see what they bring out in the next 3 months. I think they'll come out with hspa phone soon
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    Quote Originally Posted by abegee View Post
    it won't work I'm a dev with 2 phones and everytime you sig in to ur profile with a different phone it knocks the other off, as soon as it turns on.

    With that said, can I swap between the phones as long as they are not active at the same time? Is it a pain? I am assuming every time I switch, I would not need to re-install everything? Just re-enter my account/password and away I go?

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    I think we are talking about two things, (a) your hardware/carrier and (b) your profile. Your apps are associated with your profile, and I think that you can only have one hardware-profile combination active at one time. Of course you can switch and download your apps to a new hardware-profile, but this would require you to reinstall each time. Well, this is the way it worked for me when I switched phones around, although like you I like to switch SIMS and look forward to getting an GSM phone to play with.
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    I have yet to try it myself, but a similar recent thread deals with using an unactivated phone as a stand-alone wifi device.

    That thread references another WebOS-Internals resource (MetaDoctor):

    Application:MetaDoctor - WebOS Internals

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