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    So I just picked up a replacement Pre free of charge 5 days ago because of a blown out speaker.

    I took the battery out of it today for the first time since I got it. Immediately after I put the battery back in, I noticed a big time creaking noise coming from pressing on my touch screen. Not just a creaky back cover type of creaking sound relegated to one spot of the phone, but really loud creaks and cracks that persisted wherever I touched the screen.

    I figured Maybe my cover or my battery was lose, so I took both off and put them back on. Nothing. Still creaking cracking all over the entire phone. So I took the battery out again, and press down a little on the chamber that holds the battery. Wouldn't you know it, that's where all the creaking is coming from. The battery chamber actually pushes in causing the entire phone to creak and crack whenever and wherever I touch the screen. Does this make sense to anyone? This has to be a defect in the phone's hardware I would assume? It surely can't be good for the battery. Not only that, but it's annoying as all hell.

    Anyway, something like this happening over something so simple as taking out the battery is completely unacceptable to me, and that's what I plan on telling the Rep at the Sprint store tomorrow. I'm just hoping they're as understanding as they were the first time I got the phone replaced for free.

    Anybody else ever have this problem?

    I love my pre and am in no way knocking the phone at all. Just pretty ticked off at how soon this issue came to be so soon after getting a replacement.
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    I have not seen that personally. I have gone through a few Pres and I noticed the back covers being the main problem for creaking and all those lovely noises when your typing. I would just take it back and get another one. Sprint will take a phone back for being ANNOYING I guess you could say. Especially since you just got it.
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    I haven't seen that problem, too. I still puzzled about this problem " The battery chamber actually pushes in causing the entire phone to creak and crack whenever and wherever I touch the screen" .
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    I got a replacement last monday and mine makes a little tapping noise only when the key board is exposed and I tap the bottom of the screen.

    I too love the pre so much that it doesn't really bother me since when the keyboard is open I rarely touch the screen anyway.
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    I'm not really sure how else to explain it. That's exactly what happens. When i push on the middle of my screen, right where the battery chamber is, the pushing causes the battery and the chamber to push in ever so slightly making the entire phone creak and crack.

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