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    Unbeknownst to many, tomi666 is really Jon Rubinstein in disguise, here to do top-secret undercover market research and to notify us whenever a new update rolls out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdog421 View Post
    yo no hablo nada de Inglés............lo que estás hablando Willis
    LOL... Different Strokes FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sp44 View Post
    Just got the AT&T version and got the same language! I tried to back sweep and it didn't do anything.
    The same thing happened to me on Sunday with my brand new AT&T Palm Pre +. I spent over an hour with "Gibson" at the Palm support chat and he walked me through setting up the entire profile in Spanish so that I could eventually change the language to English. Now the phone works fine in English, but I still get emails from Palm in Spanish and if I log into it is in Spanish.

    I am not sure what to do, other than hire a Spanish speaker to read my emails.
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