I almost posted this in another thread but I don't want to be a hijacker.

I just got a pre plus from verizon on a 1 year contract for $100, (right before they bumped it up to $120, score!) but I'm a little worried about the hardware. It's an awesome phone, but I worry about constantly sliding the keyboard in and out. It seems that there's already a little bit of play in the sliding mechanism. I also sometimes worry that it would only take squeezing just a little too hard to crack the pre.

I love the pixi's form factor, and think I could probably learn to live with a smaller screen if the build quality is better. They just lowered the 1 year contract amount of the phone to $70. Plus I want to replace the back cover with a pink one and that's not yet possible on the pre, haha.

Has anyone here owned both the pre and the pixi and can comment on the real differences? I realize the specs aren't as good, (especially since we're talking about the plus models now that the pre + has twice the ram) but how noticeable is it? My main question here really has to do with build quality as the pixi definitely seems more sturdy, I just want to know if that quality comes at too much of a price for sacrificing performance.