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    I'm pretty bummed out. I got my Sprint Pre in mid April and really like themes a lot. I had a Simpsons theme on there and while that theme was applied I downloaded the newest Preware. It let me remove my old theme then I was dismayed to find I could no longer apply a theme. I tried everything, including doctoring my Pre. Nothing helps. Also, I notice "package manager service" doesn't show up on the WebOS all or pre feeds any longer (using WebOS quickinstall).

    Could someone please tell me what the heck they did to Preware that makes it not theme any longer?

    Hopefully WebOS quick install gets themer working soon if not already. I think I might have the latest version of that. This is creepy though. I want themes back!
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    Update your feeds. Themes is defaulted to OFF in newer Preware versions.

    Just turn "Themes" on in the feed manager

    Also, with 1.0, you do not need package manager. its "in there".
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    -1: Unable to run command /usr/bin/ipkg -o /media/cryptofs/apps -force -overwrite install /media/internal/.developer/com.prethemer.themes.a3cf4e0f36_1.2.0_all.ipk 2>&1

    then after it tries 3 more times it says:

    An error occured, return value: 1.
    Collected errors:
    ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies from com.prethemer.themes.a3cf4e0f36rg.webosinternals.diffstat

    themes are enabled in preware. i am not an *****.
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    Hey RWhitby says you need Diffstat from the list of everything, and he's 100% right. says it's until they update the feeds so anyone who wants to theme right now with preware 1.0 grab this package and you'll be happy again

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