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    Pre Plus comes to AT&T on May 16, $149.99 with free Touchstone -- Engadget

    $149.99, with free Touchstone.

    I think they sohuld start off with a bigger discount, considering Verizon's current price, although the Touchstone is a nice touch (hehe).
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    Glad it's finally coming out, but I really would have liked a more competitive price. If a Touchstone retails for around $60 that makes this a $90 buy. Any guesses on how long before they start dropping the price?
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    I think it's a nice package deal but if the price was lets say $99 with a free TS than that would be awesome.

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    Sprint still charges $149 for pre (non-plus version). So this price looks fine for now.

    They may bring it down in months to come.

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