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    How do I use this file to retrieve contacts?

    I do not sync with a google or other account.

    I sent the file to my email and it is saved as a "vcf" file. How do I use this file to get my contact back.

    In short, I reset my phone 4-5 days ago and the clouds did not retrieve all of my backed up data (only some of my contacts, memos, and tasks [WTH, but that is an entirely different conversation).

    Other threads, posts, and wiki (I searched and searched) did no instruct on how to do this without a google account (not that I saw)

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    as long as you have a vcard of your contacts just import them into your desktop computer address book ie outlook or address book in mac os. Better yet just import them to gmail. That way ur contacts will sync.
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    cool. Care to explain exactly how I do that. How do I open the file on gmail... is it as simpleas hitting a sync button. Thanks

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