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    Thanks for looking... I've been trying to delete all of my contacts after they became duplicated and completely disorganized. I've tried a few things to no avail, and now I'm thinking full erase. The main question is in the title; will turning back up off, and doing a full erase result in the permanent loss of all my apps, including paid ones from the app catalog? If not, I'm gonna go ahead with that... If so, is there anyway you know of to back up my apps... or just flat out delete my contacts? I've tried running the terminal app... and the script in the linux command line in wosqi.

    Thanks for any input!
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    if you log in with your Palm Profile on the bootup your paid apps will return.
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    After logging back into your Palm Profile, any apps that you downloaded from the App catalog will return to your Pre (both paid and free apps).
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    *as above* they will even return after a secure wipe, as I can attest.
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    ok thank you... i'm going to try this now... i was just just really skeptical b/c a Palm rep kept ensuring me they would be lost forever and I needed to delete all 1700 of my contacts one by one. Well, let see how this goes!
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    How did it go?
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    nope long as you got a palm profile
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    even a complete wipe is safe, because your palm profile will automatically restore anything you got from the app catalog...

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