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    I want to purchase a AT&T pre once it becomes available (but not directly from AT&T, since I have a really good old plan which I dont want to loose). Only issue is that I dont need 24-7 data connection from my service provider since I have wifi available 70% of my day time. So my question is that can I disable the 3G connection permanently on my phone through some setting or patch and only run it in Wifi-only mode, so that I wont incur any accidental data charges from AT&T??
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    Yes - under the Phone menu, there is an option to turn off Data. You can then use only Wifi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Yes - under the Phone menu, there is an option to turn off Data. You can then use only Wifi.
    thank you for clearing it.
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    Be careful, there is a chance that the assisted GPS (aGPS) is still pulling data even when you have "data roaming off". Spanish b*stards Movistar charged me 60 euros of data charges while I was in the Philippines. I just inserted my Movistar sim card for 1 hour and apparently, even though data roaming was off, a 1,5 Mb download was recorded. Movistar charged me 60 euros for that. YEAH, I said roughly 1600 Kb!!! A*sh*les. Check that before or turn off all GPS services. This issue, however, has not happened with my alternative SIM card that I use within Spain (my phone is unlocked).
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    But dont you need to have a data plan in order to setup the Pre initially? I had so much trouble since I got an Unlocked GSM pre from UK, and put in a US Sim card (Simple Mobile) without any data plan...didnt let me I had to borrow a friend's sim to set it up first...
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    You don't need a data plan but you need a data connection to setup the profile, but that won't take much data and normally won't cost much (assuming your telco has an option for pay per Kb data usage). Worse comes to worse is to use a Metadoctor Rom (check WebOS Internals) to allow profile creation by Wifi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Why exactly is Movistar the bad guy here? Did they mysteriously turn on your phone and turn on data?
    I vaguely remember that even when you set Data off in the preferences, some apps still access the internet. Oh and when you have internet access, an icon is displayed (3G/G/E/whatever). You're just annoyed you didn't notice.
    Hi, thank you for your well meant reply, however you just ignored some background info here, and assumed something totally different, namely a careless attitude:

    1) For the rest of the time I was using a local sim card, and VERY CONSCIOUSLY I inserted my Movistar SIM card for a short time to check if any SMS messages had been sent to my Spanish number, making sure first that data roaming was off. I was ready for SMS reception charges, not data. Hell, I did not need data roaming at all, the phone was 100% functional with my local Filipino SIM card.

    2) "Not noticing" is just impossible for me in this situation, its not a matter of carelessly using the phone, as I am very conscious of the abusive charges on data roaming abroad. "Data roaming off" should cut off data roaming as the option says. I do not believe that "data roaming off" lets you "roam data"!!!! It would not make sense then!!!

    3) I was checking that no 3G/G/E/whatever icon was displayed! It was the "R" icon only with nothing else mate. Had I seen something like that, I would have switched it off immediately.

    4) Nothing ever will justify a charge of 5 US cents per kilobyte in the year 2010 for roaming. As if the Philippines was some sort of lunar space module or something man...

    5) This is not the first time happening and not just on WebOS so I know its not a WebOS issue. However, since some people were charged up to 1000 euros, they took their cases further AND WON. I just don't have the time to pursue this. My time is more expensive than those 60 euros, but I just wanted to issue a warning.
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    Just to add, in case it is still not clear, I do have a contract with Movistar, but I unlocked my phone as I travel frequently, so I can use a local sim card anywhere I am. It works wonderfully, and standard 3G Internet charges in the Philippines on prepaid are very cheap, at least for a Spanish salary. You can surf hi-speed for four hours for the equivalent to 1 euro. As the best rates are time-based instead of volume-based, its just a matter of switching on and off the data (not talking now about the roaming but the "use data" option), at the times of the day when you need it.

    As somebody pointed out, you can still set up your Pre even without a data plan, I just went standard, then unlocked my phone some time later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    So the answer to "Did they mysteriously turn on your phone and turn on data?" is YES???
    No, but even so, come on, you have to be a really hard-boiled Reaganite with a hard-on for greed to be able to justify €60 -- $90 -- for a transfer of 1600kb. Sure, it's legal, but in my opinion stretching the definition of legality as it's entirely, absolutely and unjustifiably immoral. Laws are there to protect people. I don't know who gets protected by Movistar charging this guy €60 for a service that indubitably cost them less than 20 cents. I'm all for making a profit, but there's a line beyond which healthy profits turn into pure, unadulterated greed. Movistar charging more than €30 for 1mb of traffic is way the frak beyond that line.
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    We all can make mistakes, and I understand what tomi666 meant and I appreciate his comments. Sometimes we are too quick to complain before admitting our own faults, but knowing Telefonica-Movistar record quite well, and remembering that I did check the options and the screen very frequently all during that time, my belief is that my chances of not having done anything wrong are 99%. Hell guys, in the time of dial-up internet, I remember we were wondering why our internet bills at home were so high and why there were THAT many connections along the day. Then we got this december statement where it said that I had been connected to the internet on the 31st of December, at 11.58 pm. Great, that was a time of the day where I could perfectly remember my computer and modem where off for the whole night as I was too busy with the new year celebration!!!!

    Back to the Pre, still thinking the aGPS is somehow skipping the "data roaming off" option and Movistar are happily taking this as a regular data charge. What else if not? Silly, I know, they will lose a customer and potential heavy user -for a real service- this time forever, just for 60 stupid euros. I called them and I was passed from one operator to another where I was finally told that their systems are 100% reliable and I should talk to Palm to ask for them to refund me that amount!!!! Yeah right.

    Additionally, I am also up for companies making profit, and perhaps the customer is not always right, but then, wouldn't I be ******** like saying, hell yeah, let's just burn money. Ooops, there is a net cafe here and there with pretty shopkeepers and "proper" computers but I rather waste my money here playing with data roaming. 60 euros in the Philippines can buy you 60 meals at one of those roadside restaurants. Hey, for 60 euros you can get a low-cost return flight from Spain to Greece (ashes and economy crumbling permitting).
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    So, would you be sure the aGPS data needs logging in? I'd say I don't think so.

    Assisted GPS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There is a server for that, but it's not configurable, you would have to patch your phone?

    Perhaps I am talking nonsense anyway. I really don't know how that works on the Pre.

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