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    When it does arrive. I will get it. I want to know if since it will probably have WebOs. Will my apps and data carry over when I sign in?
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    Can't imagine a reason they wouldn't unless they're incompatible with the higher res screen but I'm sure they would be ported and you wouldn't be charged
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    I figured they would. I think they would since the app cat just says Palm and not pre cat. Right? They would just need to be updated? I just was thinking about it and figured I'd start a thread. Thanks
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    Palm says yes they will be able to transfer to the new webos device.
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    answer: yes

    proof: you can transfer from pixi to pre.
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    If apps don't get updated for a newer device that would look horrible for palm. So I'm pretty sure everything will be transforable to new and better phones.

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    Not only will everything transfer to the next-gen smartphone, I'm going to guess that they'll transfer (and be shared with) the webOS tablet. The cloud aspects will be vital to HP Palm's success in mobile, and so it would make no sense to limit how devices work together. And, of course, they want people to upgrade, and there would be folks who would be hesitant to do so if they'd lose their investment in apps.
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