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    So today my Palm pre has decided to not work with anything regarding calls.

    When a call is coming through my phone rings but after I hit answer I cannot hear anything and the other person cannot hear me.

    I then decided to test my phone with another cell phone and I can make calls but after I dial the number I am hearing no dialtone waiting for the other line to pick up.

    So basically my problem is my phone is completely silent when I am making and receiving calls. My ringtone will work but when I answer I hear nothing. When i make calls the other phone would be ringing which shows the call is going through but I have no clue as I cannot hear any dialtone or anything and neither can the other person on the line.

    The only thing I am still able to do is text message people which means this isnt a problem with Sprint.

    Can anyone please help me out?
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    Does it work on speakersphone? Have you been using your headphones?

    If so, this thread may help:
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    I have had a problem like this when the silent button on the top is engaged. when its on silent then I cant hear anyone on the call...

    Or maybe your mic is bad? Have you tried using the recorder and seeing if you can hear your voice?

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