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    On 5/4, after taking care to leave my phone a safe distance away from the pool while swimming i got out, dired off for a few minutes put the phone in my pocket. Just as i was about to go inside my dog feel into the pool and couldn't get out so without thinking i jumped in and pulled her still in my pocket...turned on. The phone phone was only submerged for :20 seconds or so and i realized it was in my pocket as soon as i got out. I took out the battery, dired it off as best as possible and placed it in a ziplock bag with rice for a few days. Phone now turns on but the screen is just backlit black but i know some of the features still work because i could open items from the quick launch (couldn't see them) but could then minimize them and "throw" them up to close them (could hear the swoosh of them closing).

    I have only had my phone for 10-11 months so still have not exceeded 1yr warranty but opted to not purchase the insurance after watching the headaches a few friends have had with sprint denying them multiple times when they had ins.

    So my there any possible longshot that i might be able to get my phone replaced without paying $500+ for a new one? ...If i do have to purchase a new one out of pocket any suggestions on where to maybe get one for a little less that will still be reliable? I know that's asking a lot but...

    P.S. in the bad timing department...i have one of the initial launch phones and have been having issues with it getting stuck in headset mode or have a ton a static while in handset mode and was supposed to go into the repair center this week!
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    Plan A...It's a long shot, but I have read that putting it into a bath rubbing alcohol for a little bit can help drive the water out. Then dry it, and back in the bag of rice for 2 days. 50/50 shot it will solve the problem.

    Plan B... slider issues have been known to short out a screen and have the same visual effect as water damage. My power button went bad, followed by slider issues that cause the phone to short and show big splashes of green and orange on the screen.

    Plan C... check out Craig's list. I have found plenty of folks who are selling Pre's and Pixi's for $99 to $150 used.

    Plan D... You can call Sprint, ask to put insurance on your phone, but you may have to wait 30 days before you file a claim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jyaden24 View Post
    yeah sounds like your best option. Sorry about your phone
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    yep try rubbing alcohol if not then your gonna dish out 150ish for used one
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    oh yeah screw ebay just got the precentral BST section.
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    Thanks for the suggestions...had never heard of the alcohol procedure...i'm going to try it right now. How long would you say a litlle bit is (5 min, 15 min, 1hr...)

    also i am only on this site once every coule of months...what is the BST section and where can i find it?

    Thanks again.
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    I dont know if this works, never tried it myself, but some people have said that if you put cellophane or waterproof tape over the water censor on the phone, then when it gets wet they can not tell.

    I know this does not help you now, but maybe the next phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tucker3j View Post
    what is the BST section and where can i find it?

    Buy Sell Trade section.. AKAs Marketplace
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    As a repair tech at a indirect store we CAN NOT open Palm Pres. If we can't see any type of liquid damage then we order replacements. Make sure you take off the battery door and clean off the goldish sticker thats around the back of the phone. Some places will reject it if the label is green.
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    Note that there are two water damage sensors (pieces of some sort of litmus paper I believe) inside the device, and they go bright pink when water touches them.


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    Not long for the alcohol a few seconds maybe.

    But, powerman811 has a good point. I know they can't open the phones so they can't see if you got the water damage sticker wet. So, just make sure it's dry, and take it to the store. Again, my slider shorted out (visibly) after my power button failed. So, lots of things can go wrong. You may be able to get it replaced.

    Good luck!
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    LCD screens show water damage very easily. So does the antenna under the battery cover and charging ports. Try a repair center but be prepared for bad news.

    If you get to the point of trying to sell it shoot me a PM. I would throw a few bucks at some fun taking one apart.
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    Sorry bout your Pre...stupid dog.
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    Folks that are suggesting that he buy insurance after the damage has been done should note - there's a term for that, it's called fraud. Those of use that pay insurance for our posessions (whatever they are) then find we don't have to use it are subsidizing those that wait until the damage is done, then defraud the companies involved.

    That said, the OP did ask for some legitimate solutions as well.

    Here are my suggesions, in order. You didn't say what company you are with when you said "launch day", but I'm going to assume Sprint.
    • See if you can get a cheap Pre on eBay or Craigslist. This will maintain your eligibility status if/when Sprint comes out with something new.
    • Call Sprint, and explain the situation to them. Since you are less then a month out from eligibility status, ask them if you can order a new phone, with insurance this time. They will almost certainly accomodate you. The only downside to this is that your 1 year elgibility will start over again.
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    The above suggestions are all I can think of, but definitely get insurance this time.
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    I barely got mine wet and it was acting just like yours. I also did the rice for 12hours then thought to connect it to my Touchstone which heats it up a little. The combination of being in a bowl of rice while connected to Touchstone brought the dark screen back within the next 12hours. Once I could see the screen again I turned on the 3g web spot (Verizon) to heat it up a little more overnight. It's working well now, but it goes dim and flickers occasionally.

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