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    is there a way to show my facebook photos on the photo app. since you have an account setup under preferences. also instead of just uploading to mobile folder to give you the options to update to a certain folder and even put a description of the pic.

    is there a patch for that.
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    There isn't a patch for that but I would expect Palm to add all of those features in to future versions of the FaceBook app.
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    Just the photos you have uploaded to Facebook? That would be pretty good. I wonder if they have an API that we could hook into.
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    hi TonyImiller

    probably the devs can look into this cause it seems they do have an api or something. my wife has an htc hero. when she opens the photo album app she has three tabs for pics

    pics on the sd card
    facebook pics
    flicker pics

    so can someone look into this.

    you know its nice to go into the photo app and see your facebook pics so u can show friends instead of going to the facebook app which is okay but just saying.

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