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    2 weeks after returning the first one I bought another Pre plus from verizon after being stressed out on the first one because of the GPS functionality.

    3 days after purchasing now my second one keeps rebooting itself.

    It reboots after I use the music player or even after plugging in a headphone. Phone keeps freezing intermittently (like once~twice) and then later on I see the palm logo...

    Should I return it again? Verizon threatened me by saying that there will be restocking fee of $35 regardless of the reason why I return it from now on.

    I don't want the refurbished ones If I request for warranty repair. I want to keep the Palm Pre Plus since I have given up on the third party GPS applications.

    Any ideas on what I should do?
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    Woot, first time I found someone that music apps reboot the pre plus. I thought it was just me. It has to be new Patch issue, I didn't have this issue when I had 1.4 but after 14.1.1, my music application reboot the pre plus. And I got the brand new pre plus, samething.
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    You could doctor the phone.

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    It happen to me too (French Pre Plus), sometime (not always), Music player make Palm Logo appears, don't know why, i'm on 1.4.1 and no patch installed.

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