Having a problem with my 9 month old Pre. All of a sudden when I try and call all I get is static crackling sound. No dial tone, just crackling sound and phone is out. Everything else works perfect, WiFi and Data OK. Called Sprint and talked to a wonderful lady in El Paso, she tried to call me and got the same noise on her end. She then provisioned my phone and still same problem. She said she had never run into or heard about this problem before. Searched site and can't find anyone posting problem?

Getting new phone sent to me, will get it on Tuesday. I could go to Service Center or get phone in mail. Took mail service, hope I get a new phone and not refurbished one, or at least a good one. Have had no problems since new, knock on wood.

Sprint service was excellent, Laurie was excellent to work with.

Did get my MSL # during the process. Phone had developed a hairline crack at USB port recently. No drops so maybe a replacement is a good thing? Whoever gets my refurb hope you enjoy it!