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    So... I did it. Now downloading the OTA update (1.4.1). I am on O2 UK. Thanx for tip, but for a while I'll use the Pre as back up phone (mainly emails,rss and sms). Want to give it a time to see how it does the job. Personally, I think it can't beat my HTC Desire, but if it'll then will get rid of HTC and be a Palm fan . Don't know what, but there's something in Palm, that catch me... Despite being warned by shop assistant to NOT BUY Palm Pre I went for it...I am not gona modify it, until there's a serious reason to do that. Want to give a chance to stock ROM (or OS) to convince me ... Once again , thanx for your time and replies...
    What part of the UK are you in, as a demo of Homebrew patches might change your mind

    How do you like the new video camera you got from updating away from 1.1.2

    Battery life should be a lot better
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    hi tomi666
    interestingly i faced the same problem again...and I think this was what happened.

    1. M1 sim card inside pre - it was running 3G, then i put it in airplane mode.
    2. Took out the M1 sim card from the phone (without removing battery) or shutting down the phone.
    3. Put the sim card back in - 3G gone, data not working.
    4. Shutdown the phone, reinsert M1 card - data does not work.
    5. Put in another telco card - Singtel, put in battery, restart, 3G available.
    6. shutdown, battery out, M1 sim card in.reboot.
    7. M1 now shows 3G data connection.

    EIther this is something that SHOULD not be done i.e removal of simcard in airplane mode and still "On"...maybe next time i should read the manual lol
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