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    title explains it all =)
    i find the onscreen keyboard very difficult to type on
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    same here, heres my problems with it, it takes to long to open, it's laggy when trying to type fast, no auto correct, so it just doesn't feel natural.. We need an official onscreen qwerty from Palm. One that pops up as soon as text entry is necessary (kinda like on Android) & closes when slider is opened, & it needs to move the messaging app up, to give the keyboard space, not like the homebrew one that just pops open all over your messages (thats one of the things that bothers me the most).
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    Unless i'm in one of those weird moods, where i have to type the right words, and form sentences that actually make sense, i'm fine with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    Unless i'm in one of those weird moods, where i have to type the right words, and form sentences that actually make sense, i'm fine with it.
    do you use it for text messaging? & are you a light, medium, heavy, or hardcore texter? Just wondering.. I would say ima heavy texter, & I find it very annoying & slow to use it in messaging app.
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    I use My Home Keyboard for all my texting. Im very good at it and have my favorites imput so its very easy. I almost never use the slide out except for gps. I love the on screen keyboard.
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    How do u get the screen to scoll as u type?
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    i cannot stand the on-screen. way too slow for me. i always hit it and then wonder if it registered so ill hit it again, and then it pops up and then disappears. or ill hit it and i assume its loading, so i wait and nothing happens.
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    i find it handy for searching for phone number using the phone app w/o opening the slider, but for longer typing than's too buggy and slow. Is "My Home Keyboard" a separate app than the virtual homebrew version?
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    never did...never will.
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    I'm fine with it,adding haptic feedback really helps a lot.
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    I don't use it as much as I used too but its nice to have regardless. The haptic feedback does help too.

    I just really don't like the fact that backspace doesn't work in the browser which makes it sort of a deal breaker for me because I'm always hitting the wrong letter and not being able to delete just means more time to open the slider.
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    it suxks. Got rid of it after 1.4
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    I'm really good with it. I justs don't use it because it's slow to start it up. and i hate that i can't see my texts. but other than that, i don't have any complaints with it.
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    .My home keyboard works cool. I put it on the launcher and open and type fast. then paste it were the curser is. It auto saves it to the clipboard. Takes one extra step but i almost never open the slider
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    Not really, but its nice to have there, you see because my case doesn't let me charge and flip out the keyboard at the same time. Its annoying, and when I don't want to unplug and replug it back up a million times just to send a few 2 word texts I use it.
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    It did take a couple weeks to get good at it and get all my favs put in so its much faster to use
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    Depends on the product. I have to admit that I am still better with typing on my iPod Touch than I am on my Pre. Wish the Pre had some manner of auto-correction (other than adding apostrophes and the like).

    Whatever the case, I really love my Pre. It's far and away the best phone I've ever owned, and I've been adding a new one a year since the early 90's. I've the form factor and it keeps me entertained greatly. Sure, I'm looking for improvements, but there is nothing more compelling to me right now than the Pre. In fact, I'm more excited about what Palm/HP has in store for the future, than I am about the Evo; as impressive as it sounds.

    Sorry to digress!

    EDIT: I know the OP is probably talking about the homebrew onscreen app, but I have not been moved to use it based on the reviews.

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    I am great on android and iphone vkeyboards. The pre's is a joke.. I'm ok on it but that's cause I'm amazing.
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    Yes the "my home keyboard" is differenct from the home brew version. I actually use both depending on what I am doing. It took me a couple of weeks to get it set up how I like it. I gave up a few times but stuck with it. Now I love it.
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    It's horrible. I appreciate the devs effort & don't mean to belittle their hard work by any means, but it is pretty unusable.
    When I had my iPod Touch, the on screen keyboard on that thing was amazing.
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