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    Hardly ever use it. I mean one of the main reasons I went to the Palm Pre was for the real keyboard, my last phone had a VK and I hated it.
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    I am pretty good with the vkb in landscape but can use it in portrait with a stylus for capacitive screens
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    The onscreen keyboard patch is pretty much useless when it doesn't autocorrect, doesn't backspace in the browser, and is sluggish to load, finicky to close. I still commend the efforts of the developer, but no where should the Pre claim it has an onscreen keyboard.
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    Remember, the current virtual keyboard is a patch. However, also consider the fact that a virtual keyboard from Palm will be on the way, which I expect to be much better.
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    Where is the T9 osk for one handed use???
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    Hopefully the dev of VKB sees this and helps us out...I just wish i can actually use backspace in every app that requires typing and pretty much, i wish it would launch faster and repond faster. I guess non of the other devs can develop it any further because they would have done it already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    I'm fine with it,adding haptic feedback really helps a lot.
    +1 I agree

    Once I got used to the VKB just like any other keyboard, I found it pretty easy to use and more convenient than sliding my phone open for quick little things. I've also added haptic feedback and for some reason I think it helps, kind of gives me confirmation I'm actually pushing the keys (like when I'm typing without looking).

    It's amazing reading some people's complaints, atleast there's a good option for a VKB. Oh and it's FREE too, I think some of you forgot that. If you don't like it don't use it. And I'm pretty sure it's open source so if you think you can add to it or improve then go for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    Where is the T9 osk for one handed use???
    Yes, I liked T9 on my TYTN.
    Another I used was CooTek's TouchPal.
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    I like the concept and try to use it sometimes, but I HATE HATE HATE how the letters pop up when you press them. It's an unnecessary animation that slows down the typing process. I'd probably use it a lot more (and it may even work better) if the letters just lit up or changed colors when you press them.
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    I actually do fine with it. There is a bit of a trick, that took me some trial and error. You have to kinda aim your tap at the upper left corner of the letter. After figuring that out, I can type much faster on it than the physical kb. I do wish they would get the backspace issue dealt with, but I really like the onscreen keyboard for most things..

    And I agree, the haptic feedback, helps alot too
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