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    So I have my Pre set exactly the way I want it- patches, tweaks, apps, wallpapers, ringtones, etc.

    If in the future I ever need to visit "The Doctor", is there a way to restore my phone to it's current exact state?

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    Using Preware, click on 'Saved Package List' then click on 'Update' to save the list.
    Use Save/Restore app to save application data to USB portion.
    Backup the save-restore files to your computer before doctoring.

    Once you have doctored your phone, restore the file from ur comp to ur Pre...
    Install Preware and Save/restore app again.
    Then on save/restore app, click on 'Restore Application data'.
    Then in Preware goto 'Saved Package list' and click on 'install all'

    This should restore all Patches, homebrew apps, etc.

    Wallpapers/Ringtones - They are in USB portion of ur phone, just copy them on ur computer and restore them after doctoring.

    I usually backup my entire USB portion of my Pre once a week.
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    Still too much work. lol. and confusing for people who don't do homebrew, palm needs a one button save all, minus mp3 and video's

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