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    Primary Question: Can I delete all of my contacts without going through each contact one by one?

    I used the send contacts by email patch to save my contacts before a device exchange. What I am realizing now is all of my facebook contacts were still on my phone during this so all of them were saved as well. Once I got my new Pre I downloaded the vCard and installed the contacts. Now I have 700 contacts, 500 of which are facebook friends, (no phone numbers) all saved to my palm profile. I don't even want to imagine what will happen once I sync my phone to facebook and have even more clutter. I just want to erase all my contacts, so I can start fresh and use pocket mirror to sync my contacts from Outlook. I am contemplating a full erase, however I'm nervous I'll lose all my paid apps. The reason I'm reluctant is because if I'm not mistaken, the only way to permanently delete contacts is by turning Backup off, which consequently erases your backed up data, so by doing this, and then performing a full erase, I'll lose all my apps... right? If I'm wrong, please let me know so I can do a full erase and get rid of this clutter. But if there is a way to just "delete all" of my contacts, please share.
    Thank You.
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    if you open that and export to an excel document you can just remove those facebook contacts and then just import the ones you want. to google or your microsoft exchange account
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    My contacts are messed. I need to DELETE ALL permanently without losing my apps. How can I do this?

    Here is my problem in more detail.

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    if i open what? that patch? sorry i'm a little fuzzy on the lingo.

    (thx for responding so quickly)
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    Thread title changed to make it family friendly. Also merged the two threads by the same OP on the same subject.
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    If you have already used the send all to email patch open that file in exchange then export out to microsoft excel make the changes you want save the excel file as a csv file and import your new contact back to the pre.
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    oh ok, and when I import, that will replace the existing contacts? And also, how to I get the csv file from excel to my pre? Thanks
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    ok, just tried that... I emailed the csv file to myself and attempted to dload it on my pre. however it's saying that there is no application that can open this file.
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    k, figured out to convert the csv file to a .vcf (vcard) and my pre downloaded it and installed the contacts... however, they did not replace the existing contacts... I now have double the contacts I had before! Please help. I need to get these contacts OFF of my phone. Is there no simple way to just delete them?

    And the other question... will doing a full erase of my phone while Backup is turned off lose my apps forever?
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    are they in your Pre profile or are you saving contacts in google or an exchange account?
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    Xybyresoft WebOS Utilities
    Has a script file to remove entries.
    Removing duplicates:

    If you just import your existing contacts into Gmail, you will end up with duplicate contacts (one for your Palm account and one for your Gmail account). To fix this, you will need to delete your Palm Profile contacts. To do this, you will need access to a shell prompt on your device. You can install the Terminal app or use SSH (if you rooted your Pre). Once you have access, you can run this shell script, which will delete your local Palm Profile contacts.

    1.close all open cards on the Pre
    2.copy to the device (let's say you put it in /media/internal, which is the root directory in USB Drive mode)
    3.get to the command/shell prompt
    4.type "sh /media/internal/"

    You should see:
    Removing Palm Profile contacts...

    If you get any errors (e.g. database is locked), just re-run the script after a few seconds.

    5.Wait a few minutes for WebOS to pick up the changes
    6.[optional] delete the file

    If you want to delete ALL of your contacts (e.g. you don't want to keep your IM or facebook contacts), just use this script instead.
    Change history:

    •1.5 - added option to export Palm Profile contacts only
    •1.4 - added Gmail support
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    Between these two posts you should be able to meet your needs. I would run one of the scripts that deletes your contacts and then import them in. On a side note set up a google or exchange account to manage your contacts the Pre profile has been know to be problematic.

    Hope this helps. Have a great one!!
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    Thanks for all of your help... most of that jargon is flying over my head but I'll give it a try. This may be a long night!!
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    if you have webosqi and you type this sh /media/internal/ into the linux command line it should remove all contacts from your Pre. Then you just import like you did earlier.
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    Do you have a google account?
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    yes to google... and outlook... gonna try the wosqi thing now
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    did the wosqi linux commandline thing, copy and pasted what you wrote, but nothing happened... it did something on the computer screen, but contacts are still on phone

    It is saying sh: can't open /media/internal/
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    ok go back and read the xybyresoft post I think you have to download the file and install it to your pre I can help tomorrow if you don't get it solved going to bed so I can get up for church in the morning.
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    ok i'm pretty sure i did everything it said to do and still nothing... its 7am and i've been working on this for 9 hours now... i talked to palm and they were of zero help. I have trust in the forums though!!! If someone could explain detailed steps in lamens terms to get these 1600 contacts off my phone, while preserving my apps, I'd be willing to donate $ at this point.

    Anything, ANYTHING???
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    1. Go to this website Xybyresoft WebOS Utilities
    2. Right click on the file or and save file to your desktop or a folder you will be able to find later.
    3. Open Webos Quick Install and click on Tools then send file navigate to the directory you saved file from step 2 and type in /media/internal/ for destination folder then click send to device
    4. In Webos Quick Install click on Tools then linux commandline and type or copy and paste sh /media/internal/ or sh /media/internal/ depending on which file you saved
    5. You should get a prompt telling you it done
    6. All steps are from the website Xybyresoft WebOS Utilities

    Hoep this helps you. If you are afraid of losing your app information there is now a Save Restore in Preware and PreBackup Utility that will save the majority of your information all apps you purchased would be downloaded back to your phone free of charge. Maybe someone can chime in they have another way of doing this.
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