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    I installed the 800MHZ right after the (latest) update and have been enjoying it with no issues. I have been reading some posts on a newer version that I want to try. I opened the original thread I bookmarked but I now do not see uninstall directions. The post is closed

    So can someone give me step by step instructions on how to remove the older 800MHZ version and any info on where to get the latest updated one? Thanks.

    I did try searching the uninstall and cannot find it.

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    Question 2. Can I use preware kernel recovery to restore original palm kernel and then run the one that says stable? Is this the "superkernel" I have been hearing about? Thanks.
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    Same problem here! I remember reading about the uninstall script - but forgot where to find it!
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    Found it

    Uninstall procedure:
    Use WOSQI Tools - In Linux Command Line, write
    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall (720 MHz kernel)

    Or alternatively write

    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall (800 MHz kernel)
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    If you have the one for kernel 1.4 or higher use:

    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall

    That did the trick for me
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    I as well need to step up to the UberKernal but lost my uninstall info when my comp took a crap.

    One question, the '1351' part seems wrong to me. Shouldn't it be '14' or simular? I thought the 720/800 came out around 1.4.0?
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    Sorry for the '1351' - yes that should say '14'!

    Unfortunately I ran into a new snag:

    did the uninstall - looks like 500MHz now - however, I can't install the ueberkernel or the original one! Some files seem to be still modified......

    Is there a way (besides doctor) to force the installation?
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    try installing the palm kernel to go back to the clean kernel.

    in preware
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    Did that - no success....

    That was yesterday - It does work with the new preware 1.0 - figure that!

    Anyway - ueberkernel and govnah installed and all is well
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    How I did it

    open up webos quick install and go to "tools" "Device Management" then remove the 800mhz patch. reboot and install uber kernal.


    didnt see the last post, glad you got it working

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