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    Hey guys I'm new around here. I have a quick question about the back up utility. after I backed up my pre with the utility I copied the one back up file to my pc. Do I have to leave it on the phone now or is it ok to delete it. Its like a 500Mb file so if it doesnt have to stay on the phone I'd like to remove it. thank you
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    um...which 'backup utility" is this....???
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    I'm not to familiar with backup utility (use save/restore myself) but if the file is in your flash drive then yes you can delete the file off your phone and keep the copy on your pc. Just when you want to restore your data you will have to put that file back on the phone before letting the backup utility restore it.
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    thats what I thought. It seemed like common sense to me at first but some of the stuff i was reading in the help file slightly contradicted my initial thought. probably the part about how the webosdoctor no longer wipes the usb partition on the phone. thanks for the reply.

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